This is my dream boy, too bad he is fake

This is my dream boy, too bad he is fake
This is my dream boy, too bad he is fake

Monday, August 30, 2010

Single girl swaggg

Finally worked up the Balls to break up with my boyfriend. It was hard and i was scared i was making a mistake but i know now that i love him but not the way i used to. It a huge release for me! WIsh me luck i have my 1st home volleyball game today! :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Shade Review

To start off this book was not bad, it was a good read and i did enjoy it, but it was very sad at times. The detailing and the storyline of the book were very good, but it seemed rushed at the end. The meaning of alot of the beginning after the love of her life dies and becomes a ghost ,which anyone under the age of 16 can see, is meant to feel bad for her, she was taunted and teased but we only heard about the taunting never got to experience them which was harder to get in depth with the book. It was a good read of a heartbroken girl given a second chance then having to descide what is not only good for her but for her dead boyfriend and now ghost. Give it a shot you may disagree, i give it about 3 stars. The story was good after all.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Ive always been a great and talented volleyball playerr, captain, mvp, and hitter....this is the 1st year i am on varsity, i have played on a harder team and dont GREAT!, and the new coach is only 22 and tells it how it is. I have been suckingg and my feet wont move...i feel like everyone has got it down pat and im just struggling, im the scrub of the team in my head. I want to show this coach im good but i just wont move like i used to. I asked 2 friends on the team...they told me im not sucking i just need to move my feet....I CANT TELL IF ITS REAL OR FAKE. I just want to prove myself....i feel like a piece of shit and i shouldnt be on the team..... its the worst feeling i have had in a very long time.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Full Dayy

Tomorrow is the first full day of the school year....NOT READY AT ALL! Im so tireddddd ;( I want the weekend foreverrr, and homework YUCK! I just learned i missed what the teacher said and i did actually have homework...i was under the impression i didn't....WTFF!! Im stressed out i have tomorrow to do it, but i have volleyball practice...which im going to die, im a good player but im stiff with this new team and im on varsity for the first a really good player always been MVP and Captain but im so nervious.... but anyways i have that tomorrow, im going to be so tired, and probably other homework! urghh! What to do what to do.....

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What i want!

I want to travel the world, find a caring sexy goth boy, i want to get good grades to make my parents proud, ALSO I WANT TO BE POPULAR ON TWITTER AND MY BLOG! Someone tell me some tips lol ;)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beautiful Creatures

I am very close to the end but I want I to just say this book expands the horizons or books that talk about "magic" or casting. Also give hope to the people who just do not fit in for no reason, this book is awesome! Good Work :)

I predict amazing things !

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Carlsmilz: a sudden trap feeling

Carlsmilz: a sudden trap feeling: "I feel so trapped in my life, i just started school and im more confident than ever and i know guys ahve noticed and im just happy, but i am..."

a sudden trap feeling

I feel so trapped in my life, i just started school and im more confident than ever and i know guys ahve noticed and im just happy, but i am in a long distance relationship.....i love my boyfriend i really do but i dont like the distance and his clinginess. He is a good guy but has no experience with women and it was cute before but now i feel like the guy in the relationship. I feel like a bitch cuz i cheat but im only 16! I cant commit to a guy that is so far...Idk what to do im so torn....