This is my dream boy, too bad he is fake

This is my dream boy, too bad he is fake
This is my dream boy, too bad he is fake

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sooo here we go...

Tropical Strom and still have school...Stupid shitt...

But bought Torment today and im just about to start reading!! yeeeee! Im so exciteddd :)
Just finished Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, Very very very good, i would even say amazingg, I recommend very much.

And my twitter is spazzingg....

Saturday, September 25, 2010


So this guy and i have been talking since juky and flriting since sophomore year. I liked him but idk i never knew if i was ready to make tht commitment. My other friend now likes him and wants to hookup with him, and we are all going to be a big happy family cuz we are all going out tonight...where she wants to hook up with him. Do i get dips or do i back off?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I just finished reading Firelight. I really liked this book, i loved learning about the Drakis and how diverse the species is and how interesting when and how the Draki species interacts. The pride was very close, so when Jace (her nickname) was forced to leave she was devestated, confused, and scared. I flip flopped from side to side, one minute i felt terrible for Jace but the next i wanted her to stop being selfish, i liked this alot because you were able to chose your side without both being biasis to eachother. The romance with Will was a twist and the struggle between draki and hunter was a great addition. How two unlike things can love eachother! So anyways i really and truely liked Firelight! I give 4 out of 5, definality worth reading! Its a nice break from vampires and werewolves, and sad books. Go for it! Next i will be review 12th grade kills by Heather Brewer! :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Awkard..Me? No.

My sister told me today that she doesn't think i should go to a party tonight because i am awkard and she worries about me and thinks im not having fun, cuz last night she didnt think i was fitting in. Well i wasn't but it was because my friends went to smoke weed without me and and then went to chick-fil-a without telling me and ditched me. I was having fun with other friends but i felt really upset they left because i cam with them, so when they came back i didn't know how to excatly act. Also i am suffering from a dislocated rib (recent popped back into place, but very tender and sore), floating rib, and muscle sprain, which i had done to myself by accident during our first volleyball game...four weeks ago...i just found out it was as serious as it was three days ago...i have been playing ten volleyball game, conditioning, carrying a heavy backpack and not treating it and irrating it more for four weeks. So i'm sorry i was not in the mood to be all happy go lucky. She sudtly told me not to go tonight, even tho i have been looking forward to this for a while now and i feel so sad and alone and very very very awkard now.... does everyone think this of me now?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Clockwork angel

AWESOME,AMAZING,WONDERFUL! It was so good, thrilling, romantic,puzzling, and you are left with the most cruel but tastiest cliffhanger ever! This gives background info on the present books, COB,COA,COG, that is a bonus, but you dont have to read them first, you can start with CA and be fine! Brilliant work Cassie! :) So are you Team Will or Team Jem?

Monday, September 6, 2010